Made in America: a Showcase of Manufacturing from Alabama to Wyoming

Manufacturing in America is everywhere, and we can prove it. Enjoy this visit across the U.S. and the light we shine on manufacturers operating in each state.

From the big cities to rural communities, manufacturing has established a foothold in every nook and cranny of the United States. Its presence is ubiquitous and its contribution to the health and well-being of the nation is undeniable. However, the full scope of manufacturing across the 50 states is not always fully appreciated, an oversight we seek to rectify in some small way with this manufacturing journey across America. October seemed an appropriate time to launch this celebration: The month opened with Manufacturing Day on October 1, and events showcasing the strength, importance and excitement of the industry are planned throughout the month.

The guidelines behind our choices were few: 1. The company had to qualify as a manufacturer by our definition, and 2. the company had to produce manufactured goods in that state (regardless of where the company’s headquarters was located, nationally or internationally).  IndustryWeek editors first embarked on this “Made in America” journey across the nation last year, and barely scratched the surface of who’s making what from Alabama to Wyoming. We continue our road trip this year and invite you to come along.