“DIAMTS (Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show) just announced that they will host an industry show for Taiwan automotive, Aerospace and CNC on March.29-31, 2023.

In order to respond to the invitation from the US Government and Select USA, more and more Taiwanese companies will be interested in investing and bringing their business to the USA. Eric Huang, the President of DIAMTS said, “it will be our honor to be invited by American Government as a strategic business partner”. It will be perfect timing, a perfect partnership, and great opportunities for both countries. Taiwan is quickly becoming a prominent name around the world. More and more Americans are getting to know Taiwan but their knowledge is limited. They may know about the Chip and TSMC, but Taiwan has so much more to offer.

Ninety-five percent of the companies in Taiwan are small and medium, but, they excel in small and niche areas of manufacturing. So, through the trade show DIAMTS is going to organize, we will be recommending the best Taiwanese suppliers and partners to the US automotive and aerospace industry. There will be approximately 100 companies in Detroit in the end of March 2023. They will cover light weight material (forging and casting), CNC and smart manufacturing, 5 axis machine and automation, power train and suspension, stamping tooling and all the tooling needed in automotive such as die casting, plastic injection tooling, precision stamping parts for connector and terminals, auto electronic and more.

In Detroit, there are more than 2200 automotive related R&D centers. Very soon, Detroit will welcome the very first one R&D center from Taiwan, it is from Tongtai CNC. This company showed their strong determination and will make excellent partners to US automotive and aerospace industry. They are willing to share the advanced technology and manufacturing knowledge and know-how and owned and developed IP with US customers. Through the establishment of R&D centers, they can provide in real time professional design service to support US vehicles and products development. As we understand well, the requirements for raw material and machinery are very strong in Detroit but, somehow due to the shortage of labor and skilled engineering, it has caused delay for some new EV programs. Detroit needs to find the solution to fix these problems.

America is well known for its innovation. A lot of new and innovative products were born in USA, like I phone and EV. Taiwan is very strong in manufacturing technology like semi-conductor and other products. By partnering Taiwan, it will create a win-win solution that will be beneficial to both countries.

Taiwan automotive, Aerospace and CNC show will be held in DIAMTS on March 29,30 and 31, 2023. All are invited to visit that show.

OEM, Tier1 and 2 suppliers. DIAMTS is proud to be hosting this exciting event.

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