Taiwan is coming to Detroit!

On March 29th DIAMTS will be hosting the Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show right here in Detroit. The most reliable partner, is coming to Detroit on March 29 this year at DIAMTS for Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing Technology show in Detroit.

Over 100 suppliers from Taiwan have been invited to come to Detroit to meet with potential customers and businesses partners. With the US automotive industry targeting to produce millions of EV’s by 2025, there is a need for more qualified reliable suppliers to help make that vision a reality. Many local suppliers are near maximum capacity as they strive to meet the aggressive targets of the major automotive manufactures.

Traditionally, much of the US demand for forging and casting has been imported from China due to low manufacturing cost. However that advantage is quickly eroding and the continuing political issues in China make it more and more difficult to continue business as usual.

Where can the US turn to fill the void? The answer is Taiwan.Up to this point, due to language and culture barrier, not many Taiwanese companies came to Detroit. Now, the difficulties and barriers have been removed. Through the service that DIAMTS provides the doors are wide open for more Taiwanese companies to come to their vision is to duplicate the success the US has enjoyed with China.

By setting up a 36,000 SF show room in Metro Airport Center, DIAMTS is displaying products available from Taiwan for your review. This facility is open year round and no appointment is necessary. By providing this kind of convenience customers don’t have to fly to Taiwan to find suppliers to meet their needs. If for some reason you can’t find what you are looking for, DIAMTS has a vast network of supply partners to draw from.
Taiwan is perfectly positioned as a Tier 2 supplier to partner with the US automotive industry. Providing products such as forging, casting, electrical, and CNC. DIAMTS can also supply the Giga die casting machine size up 6,000 ton.

Several suppliers are also interested in setting up production here in the Detroit area and look forward to further discussions. Come and visit us at the Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show on March 29th – 31st, or visit DIAMTS anytime.

For more information about DIAMTS or Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing technology show in Detroit, please call 734-961-8822 for Bob.