The annual TAIWAN ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY SHOW in Detroit on April 18-19, 2024, focused on promoting deep cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan’s advanced manufacturing technology and Detroit. The exhibition served as an important platform for industry exchange and witnessed the strong partnership between Detroit and Taiwan supply chain partners.

At the opening ceremony, representatives Jay and Meg from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago encouraged Taiwanese companies to continue their development in Detroit, emphasizing the positive significance of economic and cultural exchanges between the two regions. The Mayor of Romulus attended and delivered an important speech, showing support for the exhibition and Taiwanese investments in the local area.

The DIAMTS venue became a symbol of the deep relationship between Taiwanese companies and the local government, thanks in part to the efforts of the Detroit Economic Development Corporation in attracting Taiwan’s advanced manufacturing supply chain to Detroit. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation offered multiple incentive mechanisms specifically for Taiwan’s supply chain partners to attract more Taiwanese companies to establish factories in the United States.

Currently, Taiwan’s TYC Taiwan Automotive Industrial Co., Ltd. has successfully set up a factory in Detroit and has started serving local OEMs. Additionally, Taiwan’s cooperative supply chain partners, including Great Taiwan Gear, ZiTai, FAIR OAKS, ZongYi Rubber, and Kinduan also attended the exhibition to showcase their latest technologies and solutions in the automotive, aerospace, and CNC industries.

Throughout the exhibition, professionals engaged in in-depth discussions on supply chain integration, technological innovation, and market expansion, laying a solid foundation for closer cooperation in the future.

The successful holding of the exhibition once again highlighted the important position of Taiwanese companies in the global manufacturing industry and further deepened and expanded industrial cooperation between Taiwan and Detroit. Looking ahead, we look forward to more similar platforms for exchange to continue promoting economic and technological exchanges and collaborations between the two regions.

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