CNC 4 Guide-way Giant Lathe

4 Guide-way CNC Giant Lathe is a special type of flat bed lathe. It has one wide bed and 2 pairs of guide ways. Its tailstock and steady rests are placed on the pair of guide ways at the rear side. Thus, we would build the carriage across the 4 guide ways (called full length cross slide) as standard model; this model could stand for very heavy duty machining and has full cross slide travel.

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52″ bed : CNC Giant Heavy Duty Lathe
Description    Model TNC-1800 TNC-2000 TNC-2250 TNC-2500
Swing over bed 1800 mm 2000 mm 2250 mm 2500 mm
Swing over cross slide:
Full length (opt.1)
1240 mm 1440 mm 1690 mm 1940 mm
Swing over cross slide:
Half length (opt.2)
1325 mm 1510 mm 1745 mm 1985 mm
Center height 900 mm 1000 mm 1125 mm 1250 mm
Bed width 1345mm (52.9”) (1575mm with auxiliary guideway)
Distance between centers 3000 mm ~ 12000 mm
Travel of Full-length cross slide X-axis: 1100mm, Z-axis: 2600~14600mm
Travel of Half-length cross slide X-axis: 800mm, Z-axis: 3000~15000mm
Spindle bore / Spindle nose Ø210mm / A2-15 or A2-20
Spindle speeds (4 Steps) 5 ~ 460 rpm (Chucks are NOT considered)
Spindle motor FANUC 45KW, FAGOR 51KW, SIEMENS 51KW, or 100HP with inverter
Rapid travel X-axis: 5 m / min , Z-axis: 5 m / min
Tailstock spindle travel / Quill 300 mm / Ø290 mm (Rotary)
Tailstock spindle taper MT#7
Controller FANUC 0i-TF FAGOR 8055i SIEMENS 828D
X-axis servo motor α22i (4.0 KW) FKM 66 (4.9 KW) 1FK7103 (5.2 KW)
Z-axis servo motor α30i (7.0 KW) FKM 82 (6.7 KW) 1FK7105 (7.7 KW)
X-axis transmission Ball Screw Ø50mm with 1:2 gear set
Z-axis transmission Ball Screw Ø80mm (BC 3~4M), Rack and Pinion (BC 5~15M)
Coolant pump motor 0.7KW (50Hz) / 1KW (60Hz)


  • CNC controller: FANUC, FAGOR or SIEMENS
  • AC spindle motor
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Electric cabinet air conditioner
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Hydraulic 4-way toolpost or 8-station turret
  • Chuck guard and turret guard, control panel moving along with carriage
  • Rear splash guard and chip conveyor (DBC≦8 meter)
  • Spindle sleeve and tool centers
  • Motorized Tailstock with rotary quill
  • Leveling bolts & pads
  • Tool box with oiler, spare fuse, paint & tools
  • Operation & service manual
  • 4-Jaw Chuck
  • Face Plate
  • Bull Nose Head(on Tailstock Quill)
  • Steady rest(3point Closed Type)
  • Steady rest(3point C- Type)
  • Steady rest(2-point Open Type)
  • Boring Device
  • C-axis Control
  • Power Turret
  • Bigger Tailstock Rotary Quill
  • Bigger Rack and Dual Pinions for Extremely High Thrust on Z-axis
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