Gauge For Oxygen Inhalator

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Item Name Material Inlet Connector Inlet Pressure Outlet Pressure Flow Rate
gauge Brass 1/4 50PSI 50 PSI NONE

Main Features

Referenced specs of our pin index gas valves:
Mat: Brass;
DN: 2.5 mm; W. P: 15Mpa;
Outlet Thread: Yoke Connection;
Inlet Thread: 3/4-16UNF/3/-4′-14NGT/PZ27.8(to-be-confirmed)
Note: Besides, inlet threads of PZ27.8, PZ19.2, Din477 W28.8 25E, Din477 W19.8 25E, 3/4-14NGT,
BS1″ 341, JIS B8246, V2, M18*1.5 can be satisfied(Threads can be customized)
•FDA,ISO13485 certification

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