STL-6 & STL-6M

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MACHINE MODEL                          STL-6                       STL-6M
Max. Swing over bed Ø495 mm
Max. Swing over saddle Ø320 mm
Max.Turning diameter Ø320 mm Ø250 mm
Max. Working Length 300/600 mm
Distance between centers 320/620 mm
Spindle nose type A2-6
Max. Spindle speed 3800 rpm
Front bearing I.D of spindle Ø100 mm
Spindle bore Ø62 mm
Max. Bar capacity Ø52 mm
Chuck size 8″ Jaws
Axis Feed
X axis travel 160+20 mm 140+20 mm
Z axis travel 300/600 mm 600/600 mm
Rapid feed- X/Z axis 24/24 m/min
Cutting feed rate 1-1240 mm/min
Dia. of B.S (X/Z axis) X: Ø32    Z:Ø40
Type Hydraulic (opt. Servo) Power VDI 30
Number of tool stations 10 pcs 12 pcs
Tool shank size 25 20
Max. Boring bar Dia. Ø32 mm Ø32 mm
Tail Stock
Tailstock Travel 150 mm
Quill Dia. Ø70 mm
Quill Travel 90 mm
Taper of Center MT4
Tailstock orientation Manual
Main spindle motor power 11/15 Kw
Feed motor 3.0/3.0 Kw
Power turret motor Nil M: 3.7/5.5kw
Lubrication Pump 70 W
Hydraulic oil pump 3 HP
Coolant pump 0.75 Kw
Chip conveyor 0.2 Kw
Power requirement 25 KVA 30 KVA
Hydraulic tank capacity 42 L
Coolant tank 100 L
Lubrication tank 2 L
Air source 6 kg/cm2


* The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine. Specifications are subject to change without notice.