YS2000A Spo2 Module

Best Solutions for OEM Modules on Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Temperature

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Canbe used with patient monitor and handheld spo2 /temp oximeters.
Small volume,flexible installment mode,high relible and accurate test.
Providing quick and accurate oxygen saturation and HR.
Using improved digital signal processingtechnology,effectively control the body movement and low perfusion measurement.
Can provide the best test sensitivity and stability to meets ICU,CCU and anesthesia operation appliance.
Comparing with many clinical trials of blood gas analyzer to ensure its accuracy.
In accordance with function safety design of CE requirements.
Suitable for adult,pediatric and neonate.
Single power5.0V work,low consumption.
Display communication protocol connection,easy integration
Fully compatible with BCI communication protocol (except temp).


SpO2 Detection scope: 35%-100%
Accuracy: ±2% 80%-100%±3% 70%-79%
Pulse   Rate Rage:25-250BPM
Environment Temperature working:0-45℃
Humidity working:30-95%
Working voltage D.C 3-5V, Input Current:<40mA
Size 50*40*10mm
Weight 20g
Delivery time Samples: about 2 days
Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
OEM: about 25 days

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