Professional management team

The Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition Center is hosted by Asia Forging Supply Co., Ltd., a professional trader in auto parts and components approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. AFS was established in 1997 to specialize in the Detroit OEM market. For more than 20 years, we have successfully assisted many well-known domestic enterprises to obtain long-term orders from Detroit. Today, the company has accumulated many years of experience and customer relationships, and has gone further, expanded its business, and organized an advanced manufacturing technology exhibition center with an innovative and non-stop mode.To serve domestic and foreign automotive component manufacturing plants and machinery and equipment manufacturers with advanced manufacturing technology.


Sample delivery

Charles Chang
TEL: 02 2546-9787 EXT. 201
Josephine Huang
TEL: 02 2546-9787 EXT. 208

Venue design

Exhibit the exhibited samples, design decoration, display racks, and catalogs for a long time to improve advertising efficiency, provide OEM supporting services in conjunction with the exhibition and sale of samples, and use novel display concepts and advanced engineering technology to simplify the exhibition site engineering and art design.

Itinerary planning

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Customer First

A service desk and comfortable negotiation space are set up in the venue. The service personnel help manufacturers receive visitors, answer technical, manufacturing process and product maintenance related questions, and then assist in distributing catalogs, business cards, company profiles, and transferring the picture of the inquiry sheet to the manufacturer’s inquiry. Customers or factories can communicate directly. In order to provide better services, AFS provides full education and training of service personnel at the venue to enhance professional knowledge, translation capabilities, service quality, and provide careful, caring, professional and dedicated services.

Regular promotion activities

The planning concept of the exhibition center strives to diversify the service functions. The main activities include: holding various seminars and industry exchanges every quarter, providing product displays and conference discussions, and promoting product sales, technical exchanges and business promotion for the purpose Trade shows and business negotiations, etc. New product launch conferences are released quarterly, and reporters are invited for interviews.

Online catalog platform

Combine virtual and physical to build a network catalog platform and display it at the booths of various manufacturers.Through the online platform, we provide customers with more services and more choices; through customer online visits, we use big data to analyze customer groups, so that we can clearly identify customers for future online marketing.



Airport advertising

The exhibition location is adjacent to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, and the opening information of Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show-Taiwan Exquisite Products will be published at the airport using the large backplane of the airport.The advertising backplane is displayed in the prime section of the airport. There are about 1,180 flights every day at the airport, and a large number of passengers enter and exit the airport to achieve the highest benefit of the advertising backplane.

Media Diffusion

Write a press release for the promotion of the Detroit Advanced Technology Exhibition Center and publish the news to the Internet media to increase the opportunities for exhibitors to expose abroad and attract more procurement personnel.

Multimedia promotion

Use high-quality multimedia technology displays to introduce Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show, service functions, overall environment of the exhibition area, industry and on-site manufacturer profiles, as well as industry research and development results and new technology products.Through the above display and multimedia playback, visitors and outsiders can gain a quick and effective understanding of the various high-tech industries of the Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.

Excellent environment

Provide a spacious and smooth route planning, professional and technological as the basis, organize a management and monitoring team, undertake the preservation of the center, environmental maintenance, professional cleaning and maintenance, and excellent accident handling measures.

Factory direct delivery