Taiwan is coming to Detroit to work toward a common bright future

Taiwan, is a new strong brand name. For a long time Taiwan has been hiding in the shadow of China, and not many Americans gave the country much thought. But more recently, Taiwan has became a major topic in the agenda of China and American talks, which has the attention of President Biden.

But what is Taiwan, where is Taiwan, and what can Taiwan do for Detroit? Besides semi-conductors and TSMC, what else does Taiwan have? We have decided to organize a trade show to introduce Taiwan to the manufacturing industry in Detroit, with the intention of bringing clarity to the above questions. Hence Taiwan Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show in Detroit will be launched on March 29, 2023.

After more than 100 years of building cars, the automotive industry is facing many new challenges. Jim Farley CEO of Ford Motor recently indicated during an interview that they are going to work hard to bring back their former manufacturing glory in the midst of these big new challenges facing the industry.

More than 95% of Taiwan’s companies are medium to small in size. Medium and small but experts in their filed, and world class at what they produce. In the 1980’s a large group of Taiwan’s medium and small sized companies invested heavily in China. Now, Taiwan has  major players there like Foxconn. Last June, Select USA and the US Government sent out their invitations to manufactures worldwide and received a strong response from Taiwan. Taiwan organized a large delegation and announced that Taiwan will invest in the USA in four major areas. In order to show how Taiwan supports the auto industry in the USA, DIAMTS (Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show) has organized a three day trade show in Detroit. Taiwan will be represented by more than 70 companies attending  and displaying their products. They are looking forward to networking with people in Detroit’s automotive and aerospace industries.

So what can Taiwan provide? Taiwan is ready and willing to fill the gaps and provide engineering and manufacturing services.

Here is a sample list of the kinds of parts that are the manufacturing strengths in Taiwan:

  1. Power train, from gears and shafts to housings and assemblies.
  2. Suspension system components such as: tied rod ends, control arms and steering knuckles.
  3. Forged and Cast aluminum wheels for the best performance.
  4. Body in white, Stamping, structural parts
  5. Seats and interiors
  6. Servo motors
  7. Wire harnesses
  8. PCB’s
  9. Other auto electronic parts and components.
  10. Tooling center, from stamping tooling, die casting tooling and all the jigs and fixtures all available with shortest lead times and affordable cost.
  11. Light weight materials
  12. Smart manufacturing, from single CNC machine to production lines and automation.

This is the very first wave of Taiwans response to the calling from Detroit. As more and more communication develops between Taiwan and Detroit, the relationships will become stronger and together we will bring the glory of Detroit back.