ADM Series

5-axis Composite Material Machining Center

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ADM is a 5-axis machining center to process composite materials with high speed, precision and automation. ADM is aimed at processing materials such as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), Fiberglass, Plastic and Aluminum.

  • Rapid spindle
  • Dual ATC magazines
  • Synchronized 5-axis machining
  • Ultra-low temperature spiral tube cooler
  • Auto pallets changer
  • Enclosed splash guard (with roof)
  • Laser positioning sensor (Opt.)
  • Spindle and ground suction device


Model Unit ADM-2638
X axis mm 2,600
Y axis mm 3,800
Z axis mm 1,000
Table dimension (L x W x Number) mm 2,500 x 1,500 x 2 pcs
Max. table load kg/m2 3,000
Spindle speed rpm 24,000
Spindle power (continuous/30 minute rated) kW(HP) 15 / 18
Spindle taper HSK-A63
Rapid traverse mm/min X,Y:40,000   Z:20,000
Cutting feedrate mm/min 20,000
X,Y,Z axis servo motor (power/Q’ty) kW X:9.6/2(pcs)、Y:3.5/2(pcs)  Z:9.6/1(pcs)
Magazine specification Carousel
ATC capacity pcs 16
Positioning accuracy(VDI3441) mm X: P0.018
Y: P0.020
Z: P0.012
Repeatability(VDI3441) mm X: Ps0.012
Y: Ps0.018
Z: Ps0.01
Flow rate of ground suction device m3/min 400
Flow rate of spindle suction device m3/min 15
Machine net weight kg 30,000


Standard Accessory & Function
  1. HEIDENHAIN iTNC640 controllerr
  2. Spindle 24,000rpm with tool shank HSK-A63
  3. 2 Pallets changer
  4. ATC/Double magazines (16 tools per magazine)
  5. Air blast through spindle
  6. Independent lubrication oil collector
  7. Centralized auto lubrication system
  8. Portable floor operation panel
  9. Movable manual pulse generator
  10. X axis linear scale feedback, YZ axis absolute pulse coder feedback
  11. XYZ axis travel hard limits protection
  12. Dust suction device: spindle and ground
  13. Fully enclosed sheet metal (with roof)
  14. Heat exchanger electrical cabinet
  15. Footswitch for tool clamping
  16. Wash gun and pneumatic interface
  17. Working lamp
  18. Operation cycle finish and alarm light
  19. RJ45 interface
  20. Remote monitoring software-Standard (Not available for Siemens controller)
  21. M30 auto power-off
  22. Z axis auto pull with power-off
  23. Foundation pads and bolts kits
  24. Adjustment tool and tool kits
  25. Technical manuals: Operation, maintenance manual and circuit diagram
Optional Accessory & Function
  1. SIEMENS 840D SL controller
  2. YZ linear scale feedback
  3. Arm type operation panel
  4. Transformer
  5. Transformer and Voltage stabilizer
  6. ATC/Double magazines (24 tools per magazine)
  7. ATC/Double magazines (32 tools per magazine)
  8. Auto tool length measurement
  9. Auto workpiece measurement
  10. Air conditioner electrical cabinet
  11. Vacuum chuck
  12. Laser positioning sensor
  13. Ultra-low temperature spiral tube cooler
  14. Remote monitoring software-Professional (Not available for Siemens controller)
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