FSG-2040/2060 ADIII

Automatic Precision Surface Grinding Machine

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  • Programmable controlled grinding machine.
  • Precision spindle and rigid elevating elevating guideways.
  • Automatic wheel dressing with compensation (opt.).
  • Completely supported guideways .
  • Rigid construction.
  • Crossfeed stroke setting.
  • AC servo vertical drive .
  • Crossfeed speed control.


  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • 3-Axis Fully Automatic
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Table Size (W x L): up to 600 x 3,000mm (24″ x 120″)
  • Auto Dressing and Compensation (Optional)
  • Elevation is Driven by Servo Motor
  • Precisely Scraped Turcite-B on X axis and Z-Axis
  • Spindle Power: up to 15HP, Greater Spindle HP Available


  • Machine Lamp.
  • Diamond Dresser.
  • Wheel Flange.
  • Electromagnetic Chuck.
  • Parallel Dressing Attachment (Hydraulic Type).
  • Overwheel Parallel Dresser With Automatic Dress Compensation.
  • Wheelhead Mounted Automatic Rotary Diamond Dresser With Auto Wheel Dressing Compensation.
  • Balancing Stand With Levelling Bubble/ Balancing Stand (Roller type).
  • Coolant System With Auto Paper Feeding Device (With 1 Roll Of Paper).
  • Coolant System With Auto Paper Feeding Device & Magnetic Separator (With 1 Roll Of Paper).
  • Water Baffle.
  • Chuck Controller.
  • Spindle Motor.
  • CrossfeedBallscrew.
  • Hydraulic Temperature Regulator.
  • Frequency Converter.
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