GF series

Extra-large high speed 5 axis machining, gantry

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Precious 5-axis machining for aero structure

Precious 5-axis machining for automotive stamping die and injection mold

Precious 5-axis machining for steel and aluminum parts

Precious 5-axis machining for CFRP and CFRP’s fixture


Excellent heavy-duty machining capacity

High dynamic behavior

Ultra-working volume

Max.working volume X=30m Y=5.0m Z=1.5m

Rapid traverse 40m/min

Max. acceleration=40m/s2

High speed spindle (HSK 63A 24,000rpm, HSK 100A 12,000rpm)

Two-axis head with large torque and DD motor drive

Customized design for special needs


Specifications Unit GF40 GF50 GF60
X-axis mm 6,000 – 30,000
Y-axis mm 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000
Z-axis mm 1,000 / 1,300 / 1,500
Rrapid traverse m/min XYZ=40
Max. acceleration m/sec2 XYZ=4
Spindle taper HSK 100A
Spindle speed rpm 12000
Spindle power(S1-100%) kW 53
2 Axis Head
Max. swivel/rotate speed rpm B=60 C=25
Max. swivel/rotate torque Nm B=1,628 C=2,120
Clamping torque Nm B=4,680 C=6,000
Swivel/rotate angle degree B=±120° C=±200°
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