CNC Series

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Grinding capacity Ø6 ~ 200 mm
Max. workpiece length 200 mm
Swivel over table dia. Ø400 mm
inside chuck guard swivel Ø280 mm
Max. table traverse 540mm
Max. table feed speed Z-axis 5 m/min
Spindle speed 0 ~ 550 R.P.M.
X-axis feed speed 5 m/min
X-axis minimum travel unit 0.001 mm
Y-axis minimum travel unit 0.001 mm
Z-axis minimum travel unit 0.001 mm
Workhead swivel Forward 8° ~ Backward 7°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 60 L
Workhead motor 1HP, 4P (Inverter)
Hydraulic pump motor 1HP, 4P
Grinding wheel motor 2HP, 2P (inverter)
Coolant pump motor 1/8HP, 4P
X-axis servo motor 1.8 kw
Y-axis servo motor 1.8 kw
Z-axis servo motor 1.8 kw
Machine weight 5700 kgs

Standard Accessories

1. Hydraulic system
2. Coolant system
3. Diamond dresser
4. Fully enclose
5. Belt tension auto. adjustment
6. Leveling pad
7. Tools & Tool box
8. Grinding wheel spindle (alternativ of 10,000 ~ 30,000 r.p.m)
9. Linear scale (X-axis)

Optional Accessories

1. Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck
2. 3-jaw scroll chuck
3. Magnetic coolant separator
4. Paper filter
5. Quick fixtures for gears
6. Wheelhead oil lubricator
7. Spare G.W. spindle
8. Coolant cooler Rotary dresser
9. Soft jaw machining device
10. Grinding wheel spindle inverter (Variable)
11. Gap control

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