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  • Standard machine construction with an economical price.
  • Special alloy bearings on grinding wheel spindle and regulating wheel spindle feature superior accuracy, easy maintenance and adjustment.
  • The grinding wheel spindle and the regulating wheel spindle are precision machined from high quality alloy steel with multiple treatments. The spindles feature high torque and deformation-free making the machine ideal for heavy-duty machining.


Grinding Wheel Standard grinding range (Dia.) Ø1 ~ Ø80 mm
  Capacity increases with special arrangement Ø40 ~ Ø150 mm
  ) Grinding wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø515 x205/ 255 x Ø304.8
  Grinding wheel speed 1200 R.P.M.
  Grinding wheel motor 20 HP x 4P
Regulating Wheel Regulating wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø305 x 205/205 x Ø127
  Regulating wheel speed 10 ~ 300 R.P.M. (Variable)
  Regulating wheel motor 3.5 KW servo motor
  Regulating wheel tilt angle +5° ~ -3°
  Regulating wheel swivel angle ±5°
Handwheel Graduation Upper slide feed graduation 3.5 mm/rev. 0.05mm/graduation
  Upper slide micro-feed graduation 0.1 mm/rev. 0.001mm/graduation
  Lower slide feed graduation 9 mm/rev. 0.05mm/graduation
  Lower slide micro-feed graduation .2 mm/rev.0.001mm/graduation
  Trimming device graduation 2 mm/rev. 0.01mm/graduation
Drive Motors Hydraulic pump motor 1 HP x 4 P
  Coolant pump motor 1/4 HP x 2 P
Machine Dimensions Net weight 4400 kgs
  Gross weight 4700 kgs

Standard Accessories

  1. Regulating wheel and flange x 1 set (mounted on machine)
  2. Grinding wheel and flange x 1 set (mounted on machine)
  3. Infeed work rest and carbide blade x 1 set
  4. Thrufeed work rest and carbide blade x 1 set
  5. Standard electric equipment x 1 set (mounted on machine)
  6. Oil tank x 1 set (incl. oil cooling fan)
  7. Standard coolant system x 1 set
  8. Dimond tool x 2 pcs (mounted on machine)
  9. Work lamp x 1 set (mounted on machine)
  10. Tool box and kits x 1 set

Optional Accessories

  1. Wheel balancing stand and arbor
  2. Manual feeder for infeed grinding (up and down)
  3. Hydraulic work ejector (infeed grinding)
  4. Automatic loading attachment (thrufeed grinding)
  5. Automatic feeder for thrufeed grinding
  6. Automatic unloading attachment (thrufeed grinding)
  7. Supporter for long bar grinding
  8. Magnetic coolant separator
  9. Magnetic with paper filter
  10. Hydrocyclone coolant separator
  11. loading and unloading attachment
  12. Vibratory feeder (thrufeed grinding)
  13. Large work rest (thrufeed grinding)