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• Optimized Structure
• Precision Spindle Design
• Ball Bering Slide-ways
• Turcite-B on Slide-ways
• Heavy Duty Linear Guide Way
• Precision Feed on Vertical –axis
• M.P.G Handwheel
• Crisscross Grinding Function (Option)
• NC Auto Down Feed System (AD5 type) (Option)
• NC Auto Parallel Dressing & Compensating System (Option)
• Variable Table Speed
• Vertical Wheel Head (Option)

Standard Accessories

1.Grinding wheel
2.Wheel flange
3.Flange extractor
4.Wheel balancing arbor
5.Wheel balancing base
6.Wheel dresser with diamond
7.Leveling screw and plates
8.Tool box and tools
9.Working lamp (Saddle type only)

Optional Accessories

1.Electro/Permanet magnetic chuck
2.Automatic demagnetizer for electro magnetic chuck
3.Micro feed for Cross/vertical feed (0.001mm/gra.)
4.Power rapid up/down system
5.NC Auto down feed system (AD5 type)
6.Parallel dresser (manual)
7.NC auto parallel dressing & compensating system
8.Coolant system
9.(Dust) suction system (1/2HP)
10.(Dust) suction with coolant system
11.Mgnetic separator with coolant system
12.Auto paper strip filter with coolant system
13.Auto paper strip filter and magnetic separator with coolant system
14.Automatic crossing stroke adjustment by control panel switch
15.Back water splash shield
16.Enclosed splash shield
17.Spindle motor inverter
18.Wheel flange
19.Tool makers vise
20.Auto balancing device
21.Digital readout unit
22.Crisscross grinding function

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