M-60 Universal Cutter & Tool Grinder

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Longitudinal movement of table 600 mm
Distance between center 900 mm
Cross movement of saddle 250 mm
Vertical movement of wheelhead 250 mm
Distance between tailstock and workhead 780 mm
Workhead taper MT#5
NT50 (BT 50 Option)
T-Slot 15 mm (+0.05 mm ~ +0.10 mm)
Working range of table 135 x 1140 mm
Grinding spindle speed 2600, 3700, 6200 rpm
Peak Power 1.5 HP(1.1 kw)
Rotative angle of table ±60º
JOG adjustment of table ±7º
Inclination of wheelhead ±15º
Rotative angle of wheelhead 360º
Distance between center of spindle and table Max. 300 mm / Min. 50 mm
Distance between center of spindle and T-slot Max. 415 mm / Min. 165 mm
L x W x H 2740 x 1550 x 1384 mm
Weight 1260 kg