CNC Controlled Series

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  • Grinding cycles could be divided into rough and finish grinding.
  • Unique hydrostatic lubrication system
  • Special hydrostatic bearing
  • 0.1μm grinding accuracy


  OGC-12(16)24 OGC-12(16)40
Capacity Swing Over Table Ø320 mm (Ø420 mm) Ø320 mm (Ø420 mm)
  Distance Between Centers 600 mm 1000 mm
  Max. Grinding Diameter Ø300 mm (400 mm) Ø300 mm (400 mm)
  Max. Load Held Between Centers 150 kg 150 kg
Wheel OD x Width x ID Ø405 x 50 xØ127mm Ø405 x 50 x Ø127 mm
  Linear Velocity 30 m/s 30 m/s
  Speed 1783rpm 1783rpm
Wheelhead Rapid Feedrate 6m/min 6m/min
  Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm) 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm)
  Inemal Grinding Manual Elevation Manual Elevation
Table Rapid Feedrate 6m/min 6m/min
  Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm) 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm)
  Swiveling Angle 0° ~ 12° 0° ~ 10°
Workhead Swiveling Angle -30°~+90° deg -30°~+90° deg
  Center MT. No. 4 MT. No. 4
  Speed 10-300rpm 10-300rpm
  Max. Load of Spindle(tool holder included) 35kg(Max : L150 mm) 35kg(Max : L150 mm)
Tailstock Center MT. No. 4 MT. No. 4
  Tailstock Stroke 25 mm 25 mm
Power Source Fanuc System Power : : 220V; Cont. Cir.24VDC Power : : 220V; Cont. Cir.24VDC
Drive Motors Wheel spindle 3.7(4P) kw 3.7(4P) kw
  Work Spindle 0.8 kw (AC Servo motor) 1.3 kw (AC Servo motor)
  Wheelhead Feed 1.2kw (AC Servo motor) 1.2kw (AC Servo motor)
  Table Feed 1.8kw (AC Servo motor) 1.8kw (AC Servo motor)
  Hydraulic Pump 0.75(6P)kw 0.75(6P)kw
  Wheel Spindle Lubricant 0.18(2P)kw 0.18(2P)kw
  Coolant Pump 0.18(4P)kw 0.18(4P)kw
  Inemal Grinding Wheel Spindle 0.75(2P)kw 0.75(2P)kw
Tank Capacties Wheel Spindle Bearing Lubricant 18L 18L
  Lubrication Oil Tank 60L 60L
  Machine Weight 3600 kg 4300 kg

Standard Accessories

1. Linear Scale (For x Axis)
2. Grinding Wheel and Grinding Wheel Flange (1 set)
3. Diamond Tool Holder (Table Mounted type) (1 pc)
4. Tools and Kits (1 set)
5. Carbide Tipped Work Centers (2 pcs)
6. Coolant equipment (1 set)
7. Hydraulic Tank With Oil Cooler (1 set)
8. Work Lamp (1 pc)

Optional Accessories

1. Internal Grinding Attachment
2. Cam Locked Driving Dogs (6 pcs/set)
3. Work Holder (2 pcs/set)
4. 2-point Steady Rest
5. Adjustable 3-point Steady Rest
6. Adjustable 3-jaw Scroll Chuck
7. Adjustable 4-jaw chuck
8. Magnetic Coolant Separator
9. Magnetic and Paper Filter
10. Automatic Grinding Wheel Balancer
11. Wheel Balancing Stand and Arbor
12. Touch Probe Gauge
13. Automatic In-process Gauge
14. Oil Mist Collector
15. Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
16. Spare Grinding Wheel and Grinding Wheel Flange
17. Hydraulic Tailstock
18. Ø80 Spindle Hole

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