T-1012/ T-1020

NC series

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  • 1. X axis and Z axis controlled by CNC and driven by servo motors. Increase precision & higher accuracy.
  • 2. Graph conversational operation system, only parameter setting w/o complicated program edition (G code, M code). Provide a more convenient operate environment.
  • 3. Easy and convenient graph conversational operate interface. Selecting a suitable grinding method and input require grinding and dressing value than press “START” to automatic rough / middle / finish grinding, dressing and compensation.
  • 4. Operation panel equipped shortcut for input the current coordinates.
  • 5. High rigidity working spindle and tailstock to stable working quality.
  • 6. Diamond tool holder mounted on slider to reduce dressing error cause by repeated setting dressing position.


    T-1012 T-1020
Capacity   Swing Over Table Ø250 Ø250
    Distance Between Centers 300 mm 500 mm
    Max. Grinding Diameter Ø250 mm Ø250 mm
    Max. Load Held Between Centers 60 kg 60 kg
Grinding Wheel   OD x Width x ID Ø355 x 38 ~ 50 x Ø127 mm Ø355 x 38 ~ 50 x Ø127 mm
    Linear Velocity 45 m/s 45 m/s
Travel   X-axis Rapid Feedrate 6000mm/Min 6000mm/Min
    X-axis auto. Feeding speed 0.001~2000mm/Min 0.001~2000mm/Min
    X-axis Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
    Z-axis Rapid Feedrate 6000mm/Min 6000mm/Min
    Z-axis auto. Feeding speed 0.001~2000mm/Min 0.001~2000mm/Min
    Z-axis Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Swivelling working table   Swiveling Angle -0° ~ 12° -0° ~ 12°
Workhead   Swiveling Angle -20°~+90° deg -20°~+90° deg
    Center MT. No. 3 MT. No. 3
    Speed 10-600rpm 10-600rpm
    Max. Load of Spindle(tool holder included) 15kg(Max. Length:150 mm) 15kg(Max. Length:150 mm)
Tailstock   Center MT. No. 3 MT. No. 3
    Tailstock Stroke 35 mm 35 mm
Drive Motors   Wheel spindle 3.75 kw 3.75 kw
    Work Spindle (Servo Motor) 0.85 kw 0.85 kw
    Wheelhead Feed (Servo Motor) 0.85 kw 0.85 kw
    Table Feed (Servo Motor) 0.85kw 0.85kw
    Hydraulic Pump 0.075 kw 0.075 kw
    Coolant Pump 0.18 kw 0.18 kw
Tank Capacties   Lubrication Oil Tank 15L 15L
    Machine Weight 2150 kg 2600 kg

Standard Accessories

1. work lamp
2. kits&tool box
3. hydraulic unit
4. carbide tipped work centers
5. grinding wheel w/flange
6. coolant tank


Optional Accessories

1. wheel balancing stand & arbor
2. cam locked driving dogs
3. work holder(2pcs/set)
4. 2-point steady rest
5. magnetic w/paper filter
6. ajustable 3-jaw scroll chuck
7. ajustable 4-jaw chuck
8. angel trimming device
9. radius trimming device
10. ajustable 3-point steady rest
11. touch probe gauge
12..auto in-process gauge
13. automatic grinding wheel balancer
14. fully enlosed splash guard
15. G.W.spindle inventor fixed speed
16. hydraulic tailstock

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