TA-5 CNC Tool Grinder


The 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine
is the best choice to grind and measure in one clamping cycle as well as
integrated dressing of the grinding wheels
in combination with the fast tool changeover
ensure high productivity with maximum flexibility.

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Mechanical Axes
X Axis 450 mm
Y Axis 470 mm
Z Axis 350 mm
A Axis 360°
C Axis 220°
U Axis (option) 215 mm
Axes Motor
X Axis 2.29 kw
Y Axis 2.29 kw
Z Axis 2.29 kw
A Axis 0.3 kw
C Axis 0.7 kw
U Axis (option) 0.82 kw
Tool data
Max. diameter 150 mm
Max. work-piece length 200 mm
Grinding spindle
Max. grinding wheel diameter 150 mm
Grinding spindle speed 9000 rpm
Motor Power 25 kw
Automatic Wheel changes
Wheel 3 Set
Model NUM Flexium
L x W x H 2246 x 2926 x 2580 mm
Weight 7460 kg

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