TG-4 CNC Tool grinder


  • Strongly structured bed – minimum vibration
  • High rigidity linear guideway – Maximum wear resistance
  • Full servo controller – Positioning accuracy
  • High precision ballscrew – Highly accurate operations
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  • Spindle taper: BT-50.
  • Fast workpiece chucking with pneumatic control.
  • Workhead concentricity accuracy within 2μm.
  • Swiveling angle deviation: 0.001º maximum.


  • High rigidity design
  • Wheel spindle: Ø100
  • Equipped with high-precision, angular-contact ball-bearing.


  • SIEMENS controller.
  • Touch screen panel allows manual inputs.
  • Fast screen switch between 3D CAD and CNC.


  • High rigidity linear.
  • Driven by high precision ballscrew.
  • Central lubrication system reduce maintenance while operates.


  • 500 liter oil capacity.
  • 80~100 liters per minute.
  • Powerful pump.
  • Equipped with oil cooler.2 sets of cylindrical filters.(3μm and 5μm filter).


Advantages of SMART and GUTS

  • Powerful tool design function with no limitation.
  • Intellectual and logical interface.
  • Combined with 3 advanced tools: design with spatial geometry calculation as key; grinds with 5-axis CNC grinding tool; infused with manual grinding concept.
  • Spatial geometry based tool profile are more accurate than previous methods.
  • Editable process sequence and method.
  • Re-sharpening operation available.


Tool data
Max. workpiece length 400 mm
Max. workpiece diameter Ø 200 mm
Grinding Spindle Drive
Spindle speed 1000 rpm~6000 rpm
Peak Power 5.5kw (7.5HP)
Spindle taper BT-50
Resolution 0.001°
Mechanical Axes
X Axis 370 mm
Y Axis 230 mm
Z Axis 170 mm
C Axis 360°
Rapid traverse X,Y,Z 6000 mm /min
Axis Motor and Coolant System
X axis servo motor 1 kw
Y axis servo motor 1 kw
Z axis servo motor 1 kw
C axis servo motor 1 kw
Coolant 2HP & 2HP
Lubrication 25 W
Floor space 3200 x 2300 x 2250 mm
Weight 4530 kg

Standard Accessories

  • Full Enclosure splash Guard
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Grinding Wheel Flange
  • Leveling Bolts / Block
  • Spare belt 3R7M800
  • Pneumatic Collet Holder Ø6、Ø8、Ø10、Ø12 、Ø16、Ø20 mm
  • Tool Box / Adjusting Tool
  • Oil mist collector
  • Oil coolant system
  • Cooler unit for Oil Coolant system
  • Angular Setting Disc for Machine Reference Point Measurement
  • Plug Gauge BT#50 for presetter Measurement
  • Plug Gauge NT#50 for Grinding wheel dressing
  • BT#50 Plug Gauge Machine Reference Point Measurement
  • Pressure Dust Container with 5μm
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Tailstock
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