Cross-slides CNC

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  • 1. Working spindle equipped with Direct Drive motor and precision angle encoder. High resolution of angle tolerance control ±0.2”. Accurate angle control applies for various crankshafts or camshafts grinding.
  • 2. Cross-slider construction with high speed precision linear motor and closed-loop control linear scale on X axis. Apply the smoothest working condition with C axis.
  • 3. Machine base fill in artificial granite for excellent damping characteristics and favorable thermal behavior.
  • 4. Machine covers small mounting area. Get the utmost out of your working space.
  • 5. Equipped with SIEMENS 840Dsl control system. Built-in TOP KING’s latest version graph conversational operate interface include crankshaft and camshaft grinding application. Makes work easier! Moreover, operate with CAD/CAM software (optional accessories) easy to transfer custom-made grinding program. Provide a flexible and humanized operating environment.


Capability Swing Over Table Φ200 mm  
  Distance Between Centers 200 mm  
  Max. Grinding Diameter Φ180 mm  
  Max. Load Held Between Centers 5 KGS  
  Grinding Length 80-150mm  
  Height of Center 125mm  
Grinding Wheel OD x Width x ID Φ510x 75(MAX.) x Φ127mm  
  MAX. Circular Velocity 3000 M / Min  
Workhead Swiveling Angle Fixed  
  Center MT3  
  Spindle Speed 10~600 r.p.m  
Tailstock Center MT3  
  Tailstock Stroke 35mm (MANUAL)  
  Barrel Stroke ±30µm  
Cross-slides: X axis X axis driven by Linear Motor 2 KW  
  Min. Feed Value 0.001mm  
  Max. Travel 210mm  
Longitudinal Slide: Z axis Z axis driven by Servo Motor 1.5KW  
  Min. Feed Value 0.001mm  
  Max. Travel 260mm  
Motor G.W. Motor 7.5 KW  
  Workhead Motor D.D. Motor 2.19 KW  
  Wheel Head Feed Linear Motor 2 KW  
  Z axis Feed Servo Motor 1.5 KW  
  Coolant Pump 0.18 KW  
Machine Dimension 1300x2000x1800mm  
  Weight 4300 KGS

Standard Accessories

1. Linear Scale (For x Axis)
2. Grinding Wheel and Grinding Wheel Flange (1 set)
3. Diamond Tool Holder (Tailstock Mounted type) (1 pc)
4. Tools and Kits (1 set)
5. Carbide Tipped Work Centers (2 pcs)
6. Coolant equipment (1 set)
7. Work Lamp (2 pc)

Optional Accessories

1. Wheel balancing stand and arbor
2. Cam locked driving dogs
3. Work holder (2 pcs/set)
4. 2-point steady rest
5. Automatic grinding wheel balancer
6. Paper filter
7. Adjustable 3-jaw scroll chuck
8. Magnetic coolant separator
9. Touch probe gauge
10. Diamond roller dressing device
11. Oil mist collector
12. Gap and crash control
13. CBN grinding wheel
14. CAD/CAM software
15. Spare grinding wheel flange

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